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Rossi of Mantua: The Songs of Salamone

February 18th – 7:00pm:
Heliconian Hall, Toronto

A skilled violinist, composer, and musician of the Mantuan court, Salamone Rossi’s music was respected and renowned both in Mantua and across Europe.

He was a musical innovator, one of the first composers to write in trio sonata form. He was a skilled writer of secular Italian madrigals, with eight published collections printed in his lifetime. In an era rife with antisemitic policies and practices, he published the first book of sacred Hebrew motets in the Italian Renaissance style.

Diapente presents a snapshot of his music, and the music of his contemporaries at the Mantuan court such as Claudio Monteverdi and Giovanni Gastoldi. The beautiful, passionate love poems of the Italian Renaissance & the ancient sacred poetry of the Psalms sung in one night, under one roof.

Listen to the story of Rossi’s life and accomplishments, hear the Songs of Salamone.

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