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The Schobertiade

June 14th – 7:00pm:
Church of the Redeemer, Toronto

Before Schubert, there was Mozart…
before Mozart, there was Schobert.

The 18th Century composer Johann Schobert is primarily known for three things:
– Influencing Mozart and the ‘Classical Crew’ with his truly imaginative keyboard sonatas.
– Dying after cooking poisonous mushrooms he insisted on multiple occaisons were safe to eat.
– Being one vowel away from the Romantic Austrian composer Franz Schubert

The Schobertiade touches upon these claims to fame (mostly the first one), and more!

The night includes elections from his Sonatas for Keyboard and Strings Op. 14 , including violin parts hitherto unrecorded.
Alongside the sonatas are works by his 18th Century contempory in London: Guiseppe Agus, and 20th Century non-contemporaries: Paul Constantinescu of Romania, and Ralph Vaughan Williams of England.

Performing these works are:
Andrea Botticelli – Fortepiano
Rezan Onen-Lapointe – Violin
Michelle Odorico – Violin
Laura Jones – Cello
Alexander Cappellazzo – Tenor

Apocryphonia once again brings to the surface sounds which have been kept from you for reasons unknown. Don’t miss out on this one, this is your chance to hear this rare music live.

See you on June 14th at The Schobertiade!

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